Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bear Dons a Wetsuit the Old-Fashioned Way

My friend Dori and I have long been the two members of the Eastern Massachusetts Bear Grylls fan club--we both love Man vs. Wild and marvel at the loveliness of one Mr. Grylls, even as he is ripping flesh from dead animals to "survive" in various contrived circumstances. It's awesome TV on the Discovery Channel.

So when I noticed that Steven had posted a clip on the Daily News of Open Water Swimming about Bear, I just had to relink it here, fabulous Speedo shot and all.

I personally don't use or like wetsuits, but in dangerously cold water or survival situations, they might come in handy. That said, I think the last thing I'd ever want to do is skin a seal to make one for myself. Sheesh.

Which reminds me... I am starting a vegan experiment on Tuesday. Can I make it one whole month without consuming any meat or animal products of any type? It's research for an article I'm writing, and this ought to be interesting. I don't much like soy and have long thought a burger and milkshake were the pinnacle of fine dining. March could be a very long month. Stay tuned as the adventure unfolds!

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