Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spent the Weekend Underwater...

This past Saturday was the first annual Nubble Light Challenge, a new 2.4 mile race out andaround Cape Needick, that runs between the mainland and the island where the Nubble Lighthouse sits. It was incredible! Heavy fog, big surf and water temperatures that couldn't have been above 50 degrees made it a really tough swim- quite possibly the hardest swim I've ever done. Yep, at just 2.4 miles, this was the race I was grateful to have survived. The awards were icing on the cake of living through it!

I managed to nab a pair of awards: a 1st in the Non-wetsuit division and a surprising 3rd place in my age group. Complete results online at CoolRunning.com.

After the race was over, I was interviewed by a local reporter about the swim. Had a great time chatting with him. The whole "wussies" comment was taken slightly out of context- I was trying to explain the two camps in Masters swimming- those who wear wetsuits and those who don't, and well, I did say it, though tongue firmly planted in cheek. I hope I didn't offend anyone- it was meant only in good fun- because anyone who even started that race, wetsuit or no, has my complete respect. It was no joke out there! Seriously, it was tough!

Congrats to all the other finishers and to the race organizers- Bob and Josh Reed- on an
excellent first outing as race directors. I was so impressed by the vast army of volunteers they had assembled and how smoothly everything went, even when the conditions wer
en't really cooperating. Is it too early to sign up again for next year?

Ok, so that was Saturday. Sunday found me swimming another 6 hour (I had done one of those last weekend up at Plum Island so that my friend Jen could get in her qualifier for the English Channel) with Greg, who's training for a Catalina Channel swim this September and Jen as well as my friend Lynn who's also doing the 10-mile Lake Memphremagog (actually, all 4 of us are doing the 10-miler in 2 weeks!). I felt fine out there at Nantasket for the first 3 hours or so, then started to get really tired and a little achy. Weirdly, my thighs had seized up a bit during the race on Saturday-- presumably form the cold-- and I was feeling that fatigue while swimming on Sunday. But we managed to get it done. Sore today, too, at workout- feeling all the crazy swimming in my left shoulder... need to keep an eye on it, but I'm pretty sure it will pass.

It was nice to be back at Plum Island and Nantasket, two of my favorite places on earth to swim.

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